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Albatros Travel India - the travel company that's a little different.

Our approach is focusing on the ingredients we know you’ll remember for many years from now: epic locations in India, exceptional encounters with wildlife in South Africa, the iconic Great Wall Marathon of China, great guides, a flexible and service-minded approach from our team, simple but excellent accommodation, and yes, guaranteed good value for money with maximum comfort. 

Albatros Travel India Team

About Albatros Travel India Team

From our offices in Charmwood Village, New Delhi, our team is on hand to help you and your clients achieve the best travel solutions possible. As experienced travel industry experts we have the passion and know-how to make your plans become reality. Here you can find out about us in a bit more detail.





Get to know Albatros Travel India Team

Managing Director/Head of Sales

"I started my career as a guide in the Himalayas. As a young man I went to Copenhagen and had the opportunity to work with Albatros Travel Denmark for several years. In Denmark, I learned how to run a successful and client-oriented company.   I love travelling and particularly the way it can bring people together across cultures and increase mutual understanding and learning.   I try to bring the best of Indian hospitality and Danish attention to detail to my work leading Albatros Travel India.  I’ve travelled across the country so that I know personally where we are sending clients and what they can expect to see and experience there.  Clients travelling with us know that they are getting special programmes that are great value.  My mission is to bring wonderful adventures and experiences within reach of everyone.  I’m proud to be a part of Albatros Travel India."




Sales Director

"My birth in the most illustrious environs of Pahalgam in Kashmir has left an indelible imprint in my mind about life and beauty. I continue to draw inspiration and zest for my life from the different challenges that come in way of this fascinating voyage. Being a management graduate (MBA) with over two decades spent on selling ideas and stories on insurance, Finance, automobiles, retail and home décor, I am very delighted and even grateful to Albatros Travel for recognising the TRAVELER in me and I look forward to a fulfilling journey with this wonderful organisation."



The Story of Albatros Travel

Established in 1986 and with headquarters in Denmark, Albatros Travel employs more than 200 people and has branches in China, India, Kenya, South Africa and Greenland. Initially focused on Africa, Albatros Travel is a market leader in Scandinavia and offers tours and cruises throughout the world, as well as possessing the Albatros Adventure brand, arranging long distance runs in exotic locations, such as the Greenland ice cap and the Great Wall of China.

The company also has its own refitted luxury cruise ships sailing voyagers to the more isolated corners of the Arctic. A family company, Albatros Travel remains privately owned and has been awarded the AA credit rating for the financial security of its operations.

Berit Willumsgaard and Søren Rasmussen, geographer and biologist, respectively, are the owners of Albatros Travel. They have led many safaris in Africa and cruises around Greenland, Svalbard, the Northwest Passage and the Antarctic. Apart from leading numerous expeditions for many years, they are also an integral part of the route planning and logistics. 

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